Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Untitled Thoughts

so as i woke up this morning, and like other mornings, i thought to myself, where exactly are we as humans headed? it seems like things are no longer about helping the next man/woman progress, its seems like everything is about SELF-progression... now, dont get me wrong, i believe that you should always look out for self in today's world but, if you think about it, back in the day it took a village to raise a child. nowdays the kids cant even go outside and see the village because we are so fearful of the next person and THEIR agenda... nobody trusts anybody anymore.. why is that i ask? is it because we don't trust ourselves or has our trust been betrayed so many times before by others? When did we start down this road of distrust and hate? Me being an 80's baby, i can remember the days of riding my bike with my boys till the streetlights came on.. the saturdays spent in the mall or at the movie theatre, or outside just roaming and seeing my environment and becoming a jr. menace to society... the menaces of today's society have totally rearranged society and it views on people, the good, the bad, and the rich and the poor... im not naive in the least bit, but I STILL SEE THE GOOD IN EVERYBODY... be that as it may, we need to try to get back to where we once were as a population... I know that seems far fetched but DO YOU think that its worth a try? Extend a hand to your fellow man, your fellow woman... say hello to a random stranger, ask someone how their day is going, be of service to somebody besides yourself.. Go out of your way... I feel like we owe it to ourselves.. DO YOU WANT TO BE BETTER or do you want to stay STAGNANT and in this lane... I challenge you to do something NICE, i promise you that it will make you feel better about yourself than any amount of money can... JUST BE NICE show that you have a HEART... Do you accpet my CHALLENGE... with that in mind... HOW IS YOUR DAY GOING??


  1. I accept your challenge with an open heart and an open mind to know that this can work and effectively change our society. I say if it takes a village, build one. Let's get to building one person at a time. I comend you for your courageous effort to do the opposite of what people see as the norm. Applause is in order... #muchlove

  2. We left God & started worshiping money... Sad but true, to me its where this all comes from.