Tuesday, July 14, 2009


before the sun rises, before the birds chirp, before i take my first breath, i think about what happened before... before the sleep, before the previous nights dinner, before the day of work, before i woke up again to start another day.. i want to know what came before... was it my actions that came before my thoughts, or was it my thoughts that came before my actions? before i made decisions that affected my lifes location, before i chose to go left at that fork in the road... What was BEFORE? before the years of my existance, before the fight put up by my ancestors, before the hatred from generations past, where was i before? what was i before the many sleepless nights and restless days, before the 40 hour weeks and the 2 for 1 drinks... before the hands of time cease to wind, where will i be and what will i do? before the storm hits, will i be prepared.. for disaster or triumph... scared that the before is whats to become after...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


i remain, a man with pain, a man with greif, a man who is not perfect, a man whose mistakes cannot be counted on one hand.. but I REMAIN, that same man who still believes in the human race, that man who thinks that people can do no wrong, that man who believes in the goodness of his people... i remain, that man who sees that change is inevitable, and that the course of change will change your course. I remain, steadfast and ready to be called upon in the 11th hour... i remain, the one who seeks knowledge and understanding of all aspects of life... physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, i REMAIN... firmly planted like a tree by the water... i remain nourished and famished at the same time, constantly in search of food for thought but starved by the thought of failure... i remain just a speck on the global radar but i shall remain in my lane until its time... THE TIME, IN TIME, ON TIME, MY TIME

Monday, July 6, 2009

TIME; what eludes me
The day has been good, no complaints, no regrets, no negativity, just a calm PEACE... That's how I like it... Peaceful... In this age of constant motion, it feels good to jus kick back and feel the wind blow cross my bald head. I appreciate all the little things that the wonders of life offer.. The smell of fresh cut morning grass, the smell of petro-chemicals around the exxon plant and the smell of approaching rain.. I challenge you, next time u have a minute or two... Jus relax, enjoy the sights in front of you, and be thankful.. Thankful for the life that u were granted and thankful for the lives of others around you... Cherish EVERYTHING, don't be afraid to love, don't be afraid of things unknown.. Be strong and willing to compromise, just as long as u don't compromise your morals and values...

Live and enjoy your life, to the MAX

Setting up this phone so I can blog on the geaux... Technology is a BEAST... A beautiful beast @ that

Numero Uno

So, i woke up this morning, thanking HIM for the sleep and the breath of life once again... I decided to go ahead and start my own blog so i can vent/be real/and creatively express myself with the world... so sit back, relax, and enjoy me and mine... thoughts and comments that is..