Monday, July 6, 2009

The day has been good, no complaints, no regrets, no negativity, just a calm PEACE... That's how I like it... Peaceful... In this age of constant motion, it feels good to jus kick back and feel the wind blow cross my bald head. I appreciate all the little things that the wonders of life offer.. The smell of fresh cut morning grass, the smell of petro-chemicals around the exxon plant and the smell of approaching rain.. I challenge you, next time u have a minute or two... Jus relax, enjoy the sights in front of you, and be thankful.. Thankful for the life that u were granted and thankful for the lives of others around you... Cherish EVERYTHING, don't be afraid to love, don't be afraid of things unknown.. Be strong and willing to compromise, just as long as u don't compromise your morals and values...

Live and enjoy your life, to the MAX

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