Wednesday, July 8, 2009


i remain, a man with pain, a man with greif, a man who is not perfect, a man whose mistakes cannot be counted on one hand.. but I REMAIN, that same man who still believes in the human race, that man who thinks that people can do no wrong, that man who believes in the goodness of his people... i remain, that man who sees that change is inevitable, and that the course of change will change your course. I remain, steadfast and ready to be called upon in the 11th hour... i remain, the one who seeks knowledge and understanding of all aspects of life... physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, i REMAIN... firmly planted like a tree by the water... i remain nourished and famished at the same time, constantly in search of food for thought but starved by the thought of failure... i remain just a speck on the global radar but i shall remain in my lane until its time... THE TIME, IN TIME, ON TIME, MY TIME

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