Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ever since my first breath, I've been blessed... blessed with the opportunity to see new things, to chase new dreams and to touchdown on the scene... Now since my first breath, humph, this world has brought me so much stress and I've seen so much death... You can say its weighed me down like a bulletproof vest, even stumping me like problem 37 on a trigonometry test, but that wont stop me from making my next step... Placing my right foot in front the left, calculating my next step. Waking up seeking only to be the best, now i don't even trip on that same stress. I've learned that everyday is a new day, it's your job to make a new way with your FLAT SOLES... Press that pavement, keep making them payments, walk that block... that block of LIFE. in your FLAT SOLES... Just don't let it flatten your SOUL or be the reason why you grow old... Wear the SOLES, don't let the SOULS wear you (down)... All the things that I've seen in my short life, it'd make an old gray man cry tears at night, but i don't let it penetrate my mind, or my grind, i won't even let it consume my time... i just keep pressing my FLAT SOLES onwards towards my goals. I once heard that "life is like a box of chocolates" well, I disagree, see to me... Life ain't like a box of chocolates, its more like a box of sprockets, make sure you put your life together first, so you can take off like a rocket. Keep a few options open and place them in your back pocket... Plug up and stay charged like you live in a socket, stay out them streets unless you prepared to end up on a docket... From what i have observed, everybody wants to be a "made man" but what exactly have you made, man? How many nights have you been on your knees crying and prayed fam? Like them hustler's in the trap say, "Somethin gotta shake man." Don't resort to moving them grams, unless you can handle hearing them cell door's slam, and honestly, I don't think u can. Just keep pressing your FLAT SOLES until you find your place, and when you do, make sure you can fill that space, because you can't afford to let that hole gape... Press your FLAT SOLES my brothers and sisters, fore you see what is at stake, it ain't always about being the richest man who eats the biggest steak, it's sometimes about sharing what's on your plate and learning from your mistakes also balancing the choices that you make... Money is cool and all, but I'm not here to make a profit, I'm just here to place your mind on a different topic... Like that plasma screen, you might not want to watch it, because it's only slowing up your progress. Naw, I'm not like Moses, this here is no prophecy because it ain't nothing that can stop thee... Keep pressing your FLAT SOLES in pursuit of your goals, start running to them like Usain Bolt... Something like an oppressed man behind the gun line boss, or even like a dreaded man, cut those locks off and press your FLAT SOLES... Press them 'til your heels touch the concrete and your joints become weak, even then keep pressing, never stop stepping, never stop repping... Which one of us will keep pressing on and step up to claim the throne? It might have to be me, because so many of us are acting like drones and clones, mechanical and scientific concoctions, only taking other people's options... Some of our soul's have become flat, like an unattended soda, naw man, we can't have that... Remember you're leaving your imprint... Just keep pressing your FLAT SOLES, please, for the sake of me, we, and thee, the one's to follow your FLAT SOLES...

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