Friday, January 15, 2010

HAITI or is it HATE(E)

First off, i just want to ask GOD for his grace and mercy, i also want to thank him for the life given and at the same time i have to be mindful of the lives taken in this horrendous tragedy in the country of Haiti. Now I'm trying not to be overly religious or political in this write-up, but some things are just utterly obvious and obscene at the same time. The earthquake that happened a few days ago on the island of Hispanola was something that will be written down in history for aeons. Not just in American history books, not just Haitian history books, but every type of historical account should record this event and REMEMBER FOREVER. I say this because it was an event that has to do with every single person that was able to see this act of nature. I don't have to tell you what happened or post pictures because neither would do justice. As Americans, not Black Americans, not White Americans, not Haitian Americans but Americans, we have showed an overflow of support for these people that we have never seen, never met, and would not have known existed unless this tragedy would've happened. This alone is worthy of praise. To all those that have given, I THANK YOU, to those who didn't, I STILL THANK YOU, I'm not here to judge or here to tell you that you should, some aren't able and some have their own views on this tragedy. I personally haven't said much in lew of me having two ears and one mouth. I shall listen to others views and thoughts before i express mine. Not that mine matter, but I do have and am entitled too, my OPINION. For the most part its been nothing but support from the masses. On the other hand, there has been some negativity and opposition to the giving towards the relief of the people of Haiti. Some of the things I've heard have hurt me, but what can i say, that's American Insensitivity for you. In this age of so called EQUALITY, the HATE monster still rears its ugly face in the name of satan (no capitalization because he isn't worth the honor and respect). Even though these people of Haiti aren't as fortunate as some, mostly all of us here in the states, they are still HUMANS, they breathe the same air we breathe, walk the same way we walk, and think the same way we think. When i say they think the same way we think, i mean this, SURVIVE, we must SURVIVE by any means necessary. At this point in time there is somebody underneath a pile of concrete trying to SURVIVE. There is a child starving for food, trying to SURVIVE. There is a man who lost his child, all he is trying to do is SURVIVE. There is a mother who will never see her son again because a building crushed him and he lays lifeless in the middle of the street with a blanket over him and the flies are hovering over him as he rots, remember that mother is just trying to SURVIVE because that same son she lost was the one who went to work everyday to buy food for her. This is way bigger than just a natural disaster, this event has changed the lives of more than the 3,000,000 plus inhabitants of Haiti. This is WORLDWIDE my people. There is no need to say the things that some have said. All I can do is ask for COMPASSION from all of my friends and other HUMANS. I honestly don't think we have ever seen as much HATE as we have since SLAVERY, now this is another topic so let me get back on track. These people of Haiti need HELP right now, more than ever, not people telling them that we can't and won't help them because of their own political beliefs. We have got be be less selfish when it comes to events like this. Take this for instance, think about the city you are in right now, what would you do if all of a sudden everything collapsed, everything went black, the weight of the world was pressed against your chest? When you woke up there was a bloody body next to you with eyes open but no movement. What if you were'nt able to move your legs because they were gone? What if you saw your mother crying, and in pain and you couldn't do anything about it? What would you do if you were trapped for days and your family was with you, the day help came to get y'all, a few of your family members didn't have the STRENGTH to hold on, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? What would you do if you were lucky enough to escape and you saw dead bodies lining the street, chaos and panic? These people might not have had much before the earthquake, but now, they have EVEN LESS and have lost EVEN MORE. Countless lives are gone and will never be brought back. More lives will be lost because they lack the things we have and take for granted, such as fire departments, and sufficient hospitals and medicine to assist the infirmed. We as AMERICANS should be doing as much as possible to HELP these people. Place race and social class to the side for the time being, be and see the HUMAN in these people that have been hurt and displaced. Give STRENGTH to the ones who are weak right now. NEVER FORGET that this could have happened anywhere and if it would've happened on our soil and we weren't able to help ourselves, best believe YOU WOULD BE PLEADING FOR HELP TOO. Remember you are no better than ANY HUMAN on this earth, no matter how much money you have or how big your house is. Remember, all it takes is a few minutes and all of those secular things can be taken from you, then where would you be? Remember to THANK GOD for what you do have and what your are able to SHARE and GIVE, that's what really matters. THANK GOD, SEEK GOD, SEE GOD and BE GRATEFUL and COMPASSIONATE because the days are drawing short my people, know that it can all be GONE and there is nothing you can do about it but try to SURVIVE. Save HAITI and let us be GREAT TOGETHER...

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