Monday, May 3, 2010


See, the thing about me is that when my mind wanders, it wanders FAR.. very FAR.. i think about things that could've been, should've been and would've been if ONLY i had had my mind RIGHT but, I was LEFT at that point in time.. Now. don't get it twisted, if it wasn't for me straying off the beaten path i wouldn't be on the path that i'm on today.. Not once have I taken for granted the places GOD has put me, nor have I taken for granted the people placed on my path.. I am truly thankful for ALL that he has allowed me to experience GOOD and BAD because it has opened my eyes.. I see what others are BLIND to, what others overlook, what others refuse to OCULIZE.. I see and acknowledge these things because I now have the experience and the PATIENCE to notice the beauty in ALL things.. Now back to the "PHunkdafied" moniker, NO, i'm not jockin' Da Brat or any other people you would assume i'm immulating.. I LOVE words and how they can and WILL be misconstrued.. As far as the "PH" goes, I use this to represent my BALANCE in LIFE.. (i.e. the PH scale) I look at it like this, MY POSITIVES are Bases and MY NEGATIVES are ACIDS, i try to stay NEUTRAL and BALANCED, simple as that.. This environment constantly changes the Litmus paper otherwise known as my LIFE.. I'm just gonna leave it at that.. Let's just say that my growth as a man, and more so as a BLACK MAN has left me STRONGER, WISER, and BATTLE READY for the WAR that has yet to take place.. I am ready though, I have studied, I have FAITH beyond measurement and I will not be BROKEN because my HEART is in the right place.. Now, as far as the obstacles placed in front of me, they are merely TEST, but like I said, i'm ready.. Ready for any and everything, but not overlooking anything because defeat lies in the shallows and depths.. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED because I no longer know what defeat is because I look at every situation as a positive.. Negative thoughts no longer cloud my mind, nor do they control my actions.. It's funny looking from the outside in and even from the inside out.. People can talk about me like a dog, slander my name, and say "I ain't SHIT" but that don't make me none.. I just laugh it off and think to myself, "I'm not here to please anybody but my daughter" and bring HONOR to my family name.. POINT BLANK PERIOD..

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